Call Agency,  business developing & back-office

"While you do your core business,
I will generate high quality leads and appointments"
K. Peeters

"The connection takes care of telemarketing, generating leads, appointment setting, following up marketing campaigns and reactivating dormant clients. Most importantly: I grow your client base and open up new markets for your products and services."
K. Peeters

Contracts can be worked out and signed in our cabinet with possibility of legal advice by D. Bamps (PhD, LLM, MSc, MA)

AI, Ethics & Law

Past research topics and projects: 
- Ethical implication in deployment of new technology (e.g. business & revenue models)
- legal implications in information exchange (e.g. government & industrial applications)
- Moral design while developing intelligent environments  (e.g. smart cities) 
(Moral) stakeholder games can be played in our specially equipped Business Game Room (in cooperation with Moral Design Strategy, Fontys)
- Ethical, legal and psychological implications in designing robotics (military or industrial purposes, for commercial use or from government decisions)
- Research projects located in the field of metajuridica or with a criminisophical angle of approach

Nudging &
Psycho-Social Aspects of Smart Tech

Optimizing lifestyles by using technology requires behavioral modification.  If people continue their stubborn habits, it will lead to a loss of efficiency. At the same time, technology must also not result in a loss of balance, causing a decline in quality of life. This calls for a special plan of action that aligns both the human and living worlds.

- Optimize the behavior of residents in homes so that technology (e.g., during renovations) can work optimally. The result is noticeable in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, which translates into a reduction in costs and burdens for both residents and cooperatives.

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