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"While you do your core business,
I will generate high quality leads and appointments"
K. Peeters

"The connection takes care of telemarketing, generating leads, appointment setting, following up marketing campaigns and reactivating dormant clients. Most importantly: I grow your client base and open up new markets for your products and services."
K. Peeters

AI, Ethics & Law

Past research topics and projects: 
- Ethical implication in deployment of new technology (e.g. business & revenue models)
- legal implications in information exchange (e.g. government & industrial applications)
- Moral design while developing intelligent environments  (e.g. smart cities) 
- Ethical, legal and psychological implications in designing robotics (military or industrial purposes, for commercial use or from government decisions)
- Research projects located in the field of metajuridica or with a criminisophical angle of approach

Nudging &
Psycho-Social Aspects of Smart Tech

Optimizing lifestyles by using technology requires behavioral modification.  If people continue their stubborn habits, it will lead to a loss of efficiency. At the same time, technology must also not result in a loss of balance, causing a decline in quality of life. This calls for a special plan of action that aligns both the human and living worlds.

- Optimize the behavior of residents in homes so that technology (e.g., during renovations) can work optimally. The result is noticeable in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, which translates into a reduction in costs and burdens for both residents and cooperatives.

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